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​Yalkin Spanish Horses

Ability with Style


Yalkin Spanish Horses is at Monarto, between Mount Barker & Murray Bridge, South Australia. It is an area with a Mediterranean climate very similar to southern Spain.

YSH is the home of Australis Romanzo. I am the owner and my interest in the breed started at an early age, living in Perth, Western Australia, as a horse mad but horse-less schoolgirl. It was my dream to own a horse, and following a visit to El Caballo Blanco, the original home of the Spanish Andalusian horses in Australia, I knew what I wanted. A bay Andalusian Stallion.
Many years later the dream started to become reality when I bred Yalkin Rialto. A bay half Andalusian gelding, not quite the full dream, but close, was to become a my talented partner for a wide range of equestrian interests - competition dressage, classical dressage, Doma Vaquera, hacking, show jumping, cross country, stock work, elegance in side saddle, on a lead or under saddle in breed classes or a pleasure ride through the countryside, from flag bearer at the annual El Rocio Festival, solo or as a group performer in displays and street parades, Rialto did it with style. His versatility, beauty, trainability and temperament were a credit to his breeding. But it only fed my dream to one day own a pure Spanish stallion
In 1998 I finally fulfilled my dream, in the purchase of a young bay colt - Australis Romanzo. As with Rialto, the Spanish heritage and breed characteristics of the Andalusian horse have been respected and preserved in the riding and training methods used in the education of this magic horse. Again he carried me to success in so many aspects of riding and competition.

Since then every purchase of a new Pure Spanish Andalusian to grow the Yalkin team of horses is a certain confirmation that this breed is the King of breeds, and I will never be tempted by another.

Both of my beloved Ambassadors, Rialto and Romanzo, have passed away, but they live forever in the bloodlines, temperaments and characters of the Yalkin breeding team.


Tiffany Ayres


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